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Celebrated Japanese Smooth Jazz Artist & NYC Sax Man YAZ TAKAGI set to rls debut national album Sept 7: You Can’t Say it in Public

HSMENT Entertainment announces the national album release of You Can’t Say it In Public by Yasuyuki “Yaz” Takagi, the critically acclaimed Japanese born Tenor Saxophonist and his self-titled four-piece jazz group, Yaz Band, set for release September 7, 2010.

Yasuyuki, also know as Yaz, has a dynamic musical range that offers a fusion of silky, urban-lite grooves, funk soul and the crossover foundations of melodic jazz. The album features nine (9) original songs and four (4) covers, which were each composed by Yaz and his band. The playlist serves as a sound track to Yasuyuki’s coming of age journey, migrating from the metropolitan of his native country Osaka, Japan to Manhattan.

The first single, also titled You Can’t Say it In Public, leads the new album, released digitally in Summer 2010. The song showcases not only his artistry but also his energy packed musical abilities.

Yaz confesses, “When I recorded You Can’t Say it In Public my goal was to have people experience the sexy, cool-out vibe of a live Yaz Band performance, which we hoped to captured in a studio-recording.”

Yaz Band is an official member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s sponsored “Music Under New York” series. The talented foursome has held Jazz enthusiasts captive during rush hour for years. And now, the quartet will emerge from New York City’s underground to embark on an international tour to promote Yaz’s first national album release.

The in-demand band is know for playing indisputable R&B classics by icons such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye. In addition to covers, Yaz Band plays original instrumental tunes influenced by the styles of jazz luminaries such as Grover Washington, Jr., Maceo Parker, The Crusaders and American jazz fusion groups such as Spyro Gyra. From Harlem to Hiroshima, the soulful sounds of Yaz Band can be heard frequenting stages across the metropolitan area and in jazz festivals such as Lincoln Center’s “Out of Doors” and the historic Minton’s Playhouse. In addition, Yaz Band has performed in Asia as part of the “Under New York” music series, which were held in Seoul, Korea.

As a student, Yaz was influenced by American greats including Bob James and Dave Grusin. However, it was the legendary style of iconic sax man David Sanborn’s music that led him to pursue the saxophone as his instrument of choice.

Yaz recalls being thrilled with Smooth Jazz as a youth in Japan.

“I had a passion for the genre at an early age and this made me stand out amongst peers who preferred to listen to American pop. I often rummaged through my father’s record collections in search of music that moved me and I was instantaneously connected to the sultry sound of the sax, it stood out to me.”

You Can’t Say it In Public is Yaz’s first national studio release and fourth album. It offers up a blend jumping jazz mixed with soulful soundscapes and smooth grooves that won’t get lost in translation. The album will be available in all formats on September 7, 2010.

Yaz concludes, “I never knew and still don’t know the definition of Jazz, I just know what it feels like.”


01 You Can’t Say it In Public
02 Cold Sweat
03 First and Goal
04 Dolphin Dance
05 Low Down
06 Rush Hour
07 Thirty
08 Bridge Over Purple Sky
09 I Wish
10 Airport
11 Sweet Smell of Love
12 Every Thought is of You
13 You Can’t Say it In Public/ Extended

LISTEN NOW!! www.YazBand.com

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