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BIG CED TEST DRIVES: 2010 Nissan Altima SR 3.5

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Evidence- The Proof Is Still In The Music

Layovers- How many of us love ’em? No one I suppose. Fortunately, Evidence, of Dilated Peoples fame’s latest EP (released Nov. 08), The Layover proves otherwise and would suggest that layovers could be in fact gratifying.

Nas said it best when he alleged, “association breads similarity…” ; in no way is this more evident than with the crop of producers and emcees that have been assembled- for lack of better words- the allure that is The Layover. Like his debut, The Weatherman, this project fuses banging beats from a who’s who of producers including himself, StepBrother The Alchemist, Khrysis, Sid Roams and DJ Babu with not only the sincere lyricism that has come to be associated with Mr. Slow Flow but also worthy guest features from the likes of Elzhi, Phonte and Blu to name a few. The result is a balanced composition of meditative rhyming fortified by well devised instrumentals.

Clearly a precursor to his sophomore LP Cats & Dogs, this EP serves its purpose as its title, The Layover would suggest- it’s a short break between albums imposed by EV’s creative process sans the dullness.


Evidence feat. Elzhi, Aloe Blacc – To Be Determined

Evidence feat. Phonte, Blu, – For Whom The Bell Tolls

Evidence- Cold Weather

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