KingPen Slim – The Win (prod. Mark Henry) + Beam Up 2 Tracklisting & Artwork

KingPen Slim


Available Online AUGUST 31

Beam Up Entertainment

Check out the back cover for the tracklisting and production credits
For “The Win” KingPen Slim teamed up with Mark
Henry, the producer of Phil Ade’s hit “Hollywood,” to create a
champion’s theme song. This track is the final leak from KingPen Slim’s
upcomng album The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic available August 31st via
NEW MUSIC: KingPen Slim – The Win (Prod. Mark Henry)

Hailing from a city of its own, D.C.,
full of history and enriched with the cultural presence of music and
dance, to name a few, brings forth Kingpen Slim.

Born with West Indian roots, Kingpen Slim grew up in the Northwest
Section of DC, where he became very active in various sports and
experienced his first taste of success as a performer i.e., theatrical
plays, acting roles, to say the least, at Howard University Children’s
Theater. Eventually becoming a member of the Go Go Band Young Buckz,
where he continued to built up his performance skills by the likes of
booking various gigs throughout the D.C area.

During Slims adolescent years he straddled the fence of positive and
negative forces, the streets and the love for music. Eventually his
achievement of making it into college was stripped away; he was forced
to serve his sentence in a boot camp program which hindered him from
seeing the birth of his daughter.

Kingpen Slim was able to make this experience a positive journey, where
he honed his lyrical skills and was influenced by the many cultures that
surrounded him. “You’re not any less of a man if you walk away” was the
best advice given to Kingpen which became the stepping stone towards a
new route in life. Slim was faced with some hard times, but the lesson
learned held the utmost importance.

All paths come with obstacles, so while on the path to victory God
decided to teach Slim one more lesson on life…that lesson came in the
form of bullets racing towards Slim’s body each with his name on it, 6
of’em to be exact. 3 reached it’s target but none were fatal, thus
another lesson learned for Kingpen Slim, and one of the reasons Slim
decided to drop his old moniker “KingpIn Slim” and adopt a new one
KingpEn Slim, Kingpin of Da Inkpen.  Instead of a name that associated
him with his past, he took on a name that was more fit for his future!

Co-CEO and the flagship artist of Beam Up Entertainment, Kingpen Slim
has definitely shown his drive and motivation in reaching the top. And
with his strong cultural background from the prominent area of D.C.,
Uptown Baby, Kingpen Slim brings fourth something different to Hip Hop;
he is the sound of this new Hip Hop era. The sound of the New DMV (DC,
MD, and VA) he is the “2010 Class Leader” Kingpen Slim creatively links
his style with what was paved by legendary hip hop artists, such as Jay
Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur and local Legends such as, Los of Backyard Band and
B Luv of Simplicity.

Linking the styles of his greatest inspirations, Kingpen Slim has been able to create a voice of his own.

“I want to be remembered as an artist who paved the way for all the
other rappers coming outta DC, something legendary. Someone the next
group of artists can measure themselves against, a bar for them to reach
for so to speak. I’ve got friends that are in prison, some who are on
the streets and going through personal issues or whatever… opportunity
at a better life,” states Kingpen Slim.

Kingpen Slim is truly on the right path to becoming a legendary artist
from the D.C area. With the noise his music is creating on the airwaves
as the sound of a new Hip Hop movement, he is destined to be the lyrical
voice of the DMV!



AUDIO: KingPen Slim – 21 Gun Salute feat. Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans) (Prod. DJ JButtah)

VIDEO TEASER: KingPen Slim – 21 Gun Salute feat. Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans)

VIDEO: Kingpen Slim “The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic” Album Trailer # 2
VIDEO: KingPen Slim “The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic” Album Trailer # 1

AUDIO: KingPen Slim – The Way You Move
feat. Wale, STS and Phil Ade (prod. Team Demo)

VIDEO: KingPen Slim – Gone (directed by

AUDIO: KingPen
Slim – My Life is a Movie featuring Jim Jones (Prod. DJ JButtah)
AUDIO: KingPen Slim – Gone

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