Don Pro Records is proud to present Rapper/Entrepreneur A.B. DA DON “Dear Summer – Return of The Don” Mixtape release hosted by Multi-Platinum Producer Dame Grease and the Untouchables.

Since The Release of Dear Summer a lot of Fast money has slowed up for a lot of people. Brooklyn Boss A.B. Da Don has been home for only a few months and has the Internet in a frenzy with the release of his mix tape. The streets are hyped with the -release and in only a couple of hours 10,000 copies have been sold just in his hometown of Brooklyn! The Track list itself portrays The Gangster’s Paradise and Oath to his streets.. To support the release of the mix tape A.B. Da Don is working closely with newcomer videographer Chevon Mcyintre to shoot his first video “Where The Cash At”, shot primarily in the streets of Brooklyn and Harlem. A.B. Da Don is married to the streets, so therefore his lyrics are gritty & rough, its a concrete jungle so just sit and watch as this Brooklyn Artist takes over and snatches the Crown, it’s only a matter of time!

The Mix tape “Dear Summer- Return of the Don” is supported by a national media campaign with the support of the bloggers and online radio shows. The mixtape is full of hits and A.B. Da Don plans to shoot 2 more videos for the hot tracks “Filthy Rich” featuring Max B and “Cop House” featuring Stone Gang. Filthy Rich will have unreleased footage of Max B and A.B. Da Don. (Max B is currently serving a 75 year sentence) Cop House will be shot in the South and will be exclusively viewed on his websitewww.abdadon.com. The trailer for “Where The Cash At” is available to be viewed on You Tubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au9f98PQFqw and the Official Full Version of the Video will be Released Tuesday August 31, 2010 at 12 am. “Dear Summer – Return of The Don” is available now onwww.Datpiff.comhttp://www.datpiff.com/CUTMASTER_C_DAME_GREASE_AB_DA_DON_STONEGANG.m140800.html. Physical copies of the mix tape can be retrieved at a few local music stores in the Metropoltan Area of New York, New Jersey Philly and soon Boston.

The Hustle and Grind of a Brooklyn Artist is to be Respected as he plans to go back to the studios to record his first studio album and release a second mixtape . A.B. plans to get some heavy hitter productions on deck as he states it’s just a matter of time when you will know the name.

Follow A.B. Da Don on twitter as he will be giving away a few prizes www.twitter.com/abdadonwww.twitter.com/donproent

Dear Summer – Return of The Don Tracklist:

01 – Intro
02 – Where The Cash At Faudi Rob
03 – Filthy Rich Fmax B
04 – Cop House F Stonegang
05 – Sting Ray F Stonegang
06 – Lets Talk About It F Stonegang
07 – Buying Out The Bar F Audi Rob
08 – Heat
09 – Expand
10 – Dear Blood
11 – My Time
12 – Skit
13 – Real Niggaz
14 – Gangsta Oath F M-Dot
15 – In The Street Nigga F Ugle
16 – Ny State Of Grind
17 – What U C Is What You Get
18 – Just Do It
19 – Big Dream F Uncle Murda
20 – Return Of The Don
21 – Dear Summer

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