Black Youth Org Founder Wins Chess Competition


Orrin Hudson, founder of Be Someone

Atlanta, GA ( — Orrin Hudson, founder of Be Someone, celebrated Independence Day by taking first place in the 5-Minute Blitz Chess Championship at the 38th Annual World Open International Chess Tournament in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Hudson, the creator of the award winning leadership chess program for kids and parents, also finished first place last year in the 10-Minute Blitz. These important wins prove Hudson’s message is correct when he tells his students, “Nature is neutral. If you make the right moves you get the right results.” Be Someone is a nationally acclaimed crime prevention program that uses chess to teach at-risk youth self-esteem, as well as responsibility and analytical thinking.

“Winning two consecutive years in a row where the best in the world compete is the greatest feeling in the world. I am living my dream. If I can do it, anyone can. It was exciting to win in both the 10-minute and 5-minute speed categories. These high-profile victories enable me to show the youth of America that making the right choices can make you a champion at life and at chess,” said Hudson. “I’ve devoted more than a decade of my life to teaching children to play the game of chess and apply the same rules to the game of life.”

Hudson uses similar quick-response techniques when he teaches chess to large audiences of kids, often in at-risk communities. Repeating catchy phrases such as, “Think it out, don’t shoot it out” and “Push pawns, not drugs”, Hudson teaches kids that the game is a metaphor for making good decisions and taking charge of their education and lives. Through Be Someone, he inspires communities to start their own chess programs to give young students a stimulating and healthy after-school activity.

A former state trooper and Air Force veteran, Hudson turned his focus from detention to prevention. He started using the game of chess as an educational tool after he learned of an incident in which seven Wendy’s employees were shot – five of whom died – for a mere $2,400. This tragic incident compelled Hudson to start his organization called Be Someone to help children understand that “the life we save is our own”.

Be Someone also offers inspirational programs for corporations and parents, designed to foster teamwork and encourage participation in the lives of children.

Today, Hudson is an internationally recognized speaker and advocate for helping at-risk youth. He travels the globe teaching children to value KASH – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits – over cash. Since its founding, Be Someone has touched the lives of over 20,000 students internationally. Hudson’s mission is to positively impact the lives of one million young people.

Visit to volunteer, donate, or learn more. Interested one may also register online for Be Someone’s Think like a Champion Leadership Chess Camp, July 19-23, 2010.

Must see video:

About Be Someone
Founded in 2001, Be Someone is a non-profit crime prevention program aimed at the youth of America. Be Someone teaches self-esteem, responsibility and analytical thinking skills to at-risk youth through numerous tools, including the game of chess. Be Someone also offers inspirational programs for corporations and parents, designed to foster teamwork and encourage participation in the lives of children. If interested in donating, volunteering or learning more about Be Someone, please visit

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