Critically acclaimed inspirational ensemble FOREVER FORWARD introduces its debut album ALL IS WELL, a soul stirring collection 10 years in the making.

Culled from more than a hundred songs, the collection draws inspiration from gospel, R&B, jazz and blues for a genre defying sound that provides an antidote to the emotionally crippling and cynical messages delivered by much of today’s music. Without advocating any particular faith, the positive lyrics and upbeat melodies of Forever Forward promote an awakening of consciousness that empowers individuals to live their most fulfilling lives.

Songs like “Peace Be Still”, “I Am In Stride”, “Running Over” and “All Is Well”, the album’s premiere single, will leave listeners filled with hope and desirous of a closer connection to The Divine. The personal philosophies of founders Derek Gibbs and Kevin Brightman infuse the music with the kind of elevating, non-judgmental affirmations found in the most inspirational hymns. Drawn from a lifetime of spiritual evolution, ALL IS WELL is an uplifting musical collection leading the way to a new state of consciousness.

Learn more about Forever Forward at Find the group on ITunes,, Facebook, Twitter, Digstation and CD Baby. Co-founders Derek Gibbs and Kevin Brightman are available for interviews and phoners.

Derek Gibbs 646 924 7586


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