What’s Up With Groupies and Society?

I’m reading the New York Daily News and come across a story about Roxana Shirazi, a rock groupie who recently wrote a tell-all book about the exploits of her, ahem, time with various rock stars. Members of groups such as Gun N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Papa Roach and Motley Crue, to name a few. I’m actually glad that this isn’t specific to Hip Hop artists and/or Black athletes and entertainers, but it seems to be the thing for hos, er, women to purposely go after these stars, accumulate the amount of men they sleep with and then write a book and/or do a video about their exploits!

What is this world coming to? Women are ALWAYS complaining about men sleeping around, yet, there are women like Karrine Steffans aka Superhead and more recently, Kat Stacks, not only going after these celebrities, but then bragging and exposing them! And my question to these women, er, girls, is, do you map out where someone is going to be? Are you following artists everywhere in order to be in position to fuck with them, suck them off? Do you honestly get enjoyment from this? Are you a ho who has transitioned to being a money-hungry attention grabbing ho?

I will not make excuses for men doing the shit they do or am I going to say that they aren’t wrong, but I guess it goes both ways, but we give these women the audience to tell about these activities and then wonder why our little girls today have the ho mindset in place by the time they get to junior high school. What part of the game is that?

These girls grow up watching Hip Hop videos and movies that portray them as money-grubbing, celebrity hungry women and then we have certain women proclaiming their strength and then that translates to these girls as a way to go to ‘get money’ or ‘get paid’? And let’s not talk about the way they dress and what we consider fashion these days. And this includes Beyonce, who may be the most exposed Black singer this generation, shaking her ass EVERY opportunity she gets and then we wonder why little girls are performing in shows portraying the type of dance moves that would have labeled women ‘Jezebels’ many years ago!

But, before I go, I will have to say that parental guidance may be at an all time low, which is evident in the actions of today’s youth. Kids are being taught via, TV, movies, videos, commercials and nowadays, they don’t even have to leave the house if they have a computer! YouTube, Facebook and Google can have a kid seeing EVERYTHING they shouldn’t be seeing and most parents have no clue because they are not monitoring their children’s behavior or what they are doing in the streets. That being the problem that parents are allowing their kids to BE in the streets!

Yes, male celebrities are wrong to ‘spread their love’, while corrupting the minds of young boys who idolize them, but I feel it’s worse when girls who will one day be mothers, see the things I see and I am a grown man and I shiver at some of the images I see being presented to the kids today. Parents need to take an ACTIVE role in their children’s upbringing so that way we can eliminate the Kat Stacks and company floating around.

CEDitor’s Note: Speaking of Kat Stacks, her mother is THE WORST! After seeing the video her mother is in with her, I honestly can’t blame Kat Stacks for being the way she is! THAT is a perfect example of NOT raising your child the right way!

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