Rhymefest “El Che” Red Cassette Tape Exclusive Release

 As Rhymefest prepares to unleash his highly anticipated El Che on June 8, 2010, the emcee’s new indie label, dN|Be Entertainment, has just announced that a limited quantity of red cassettes will be released for the album.  Dubbed the “Red Tape,” the cassette will feature all 16 tracks from Rhymefest’s long awaited sophomore effort.  Motivated by classic LPs from Hip Hop’s Golden Era, dN|Be Entertainment asserts the red cassettes are necessary to bridge the gap between Hip Hop’s heyday and El Che

In addition to the collector’s edition red tape, a transparent, prison-safe cassette will also be released by the label.  Realizing that many revolutionaries are unfortunately locked behind bars, Rhymefest hopes to touch the lives of society’s sometimes forgotten soldiers with El Che.  The clear cassettes will feature no screws and are approved for usage by inmates in most prisons. 

  The “Red Tape” and the clear prison cassette will be offered exclusively through the interactive website, ElCheTheMovement.com.  Pre-orders for the cassette, CD, and digital versions of El Che are currently available on the site.  Orders are guaranteed to be fulfilled through ElCheTheMovement.com on June 8th.  In the meantime, Fans are encouraged to connect with Rhymefest through the website’s blog, videos, streaming music, mixtape downloads, and social networking links to Facebook and Twitter (@Rhymefest).

Official El Che Cassette Artwork

Artist: Rhymefest

Release Date: June 8, 2010

Label: dN|Be Entertainment

Website: www.ElCheTheMovement.com

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