I’m Looking For…..

I’m looking for individuals who think outside the box and feel their talent, intelligence and/or ideas need to be showcased. I’m looking for people who know they can and should be doing more but don’t have the means or the vehicle yet. I’m looking for the type of person who does what they want because they believe in themselves, even, no, ESPECIALLY when no one else believes in them. I’m looking for those who work someplace where their work and efforts aren’t being appreciated and KNOWS that if other eyes see what they can do, they’ll be elevated elsewhere.

I’m in search of people who find ways to get things done when told there is no way. I’m in search for people who are not gonna stand for bullshit but is respectful when faced with it. I’m in search of those persons, who like me, are willing to sacrifice for what they TRULY believe in and have no qualms to get further than they’ve ever been. I’m in search of the individuals who are being held back by others because of their insecurities.

I need people who know that if given the proper forum and with the right guidance, they will not only achieve, but will surpass, even their own expectation! I need the type who sees things others don’t see and knows how to make others see what they see. I need long term thinkers who are not thinking short term because they know that they will be here as long as they want! I need others who can see visions and are willing to make those visions realities.

I want people who would do what they do and be the best at it but love it so much, they would do it for free but smart enough to know when not to. I want those who knows that the opportunities that are rare, they are up for taking advantage of them. I want people that stare adversity in the face and laughs at all that is thrown at them and ready to win whatever battles are ahead. I want individuals who, even when they lose, knows that in the long run, it’s to help them eventually win.

I’d like to work with people who will not let another bring their spirit down and can get up when things aren’t perfect. I’d like to work with people who think just like me, that I CAN’T and WON’T be stopped by no one other than myself! I’d like to work with strong people who know when to be weak, which enhances your strength. I’d like to work with people who KNOW that life is full of contradictions but understand or willing to learn that those contradictions become assets when used properly! If you fit any or all of these descriptions, then I’d like to work with you!



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