Intl’ Black Women’s Film Festival Announces 2010 Call for Film Submissions


No Submission Fee If Submitted by May 17, 2010

Web site screenshot – [Click To Enlarge]

San Francisco, CA ( — The International Black Women’s Film Festival (“IBWFF”) has been combating the negative stereotyping of Black women in film, media and television since 2001; now we’re inviting media-makers to do the same!

Effective immediately, the IBWFF is accepting film, video and animation submissions for its 2010 season.

Media makers have until May 17, 2010, to submit their work to the festival without a film submission fee.

The festival accepts all categories, including, shorts, features, documentaries, experimental, music video, digital media, online films and animation. All genres are accepted, except for explicit adult film and video.

Registration is available online or offline, but we are encouraging online submissions. Media makers can find more and get registration applications online at: (*An email address is required for registration and download areas.)
About the International Black Women’s Film Festival
The International Black Women’s Film Festival was established in 2002 by San Francisco-native Adrienne M. Anderson. With the assistance of volunteers and advisors, she found and served as curator of a festival where the accomplishments, talents, creativity and filmmaking skills of Black women could be celebrated, featured and fairly represented.

To date, the festival has received over 400 entries and has garnered international attention around the world including the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Brazil, Paris, Ghana, Canada and Australia!

In its debut year, the festival received personal support and sponsorship from STAR WARS director and creator George Lucas, and his media company LucasFilms, Ltd.


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