Web Site Boasts Black Culture and Legacy

AncientAfricanaMarketplace.com is a website that has a product line of African and African Diasporic cultural and historical educational items. The website has a unique inventory of books, audio books, music, educational DVD’s and art prints. The content of the products focuses on Black historical events from the marvels of ancient African anthropology and archeology to present day history makers.

The website provides a central location where consumers and educators alike can shop at the same place for Classic Arts and Educational supplies that documents the experience of the African and African Diasporic peoples. It is perfect for educational and community institutions to everyday people who would like to learn about Black History, who have an appreciation for the Classic works of art that comes out of the African and Diasporic peoples of the world, be it in the form of a beautiful art print from a famous Black artist, a DVD of Classic Drama or an important historical event, a music CD of timeless musical greats to a literary work from a world renowned author from the “Classic Literature” collection.

The book collection consists of Children’s books, a beautiful collection of African Art books, Ancient and Modern African History, Scholar’s Works, Reference books, Audio Books, Classic Literature and African American History books.

The music CD collection is unique because it consists of great artists and timeless legends. The music library contains the works of great jazz and blues musicians, gospel, rhythm and blues, soul and traditional African music, from the early days of recorded music to today. The featured musical artists are from Africa to all around the world, focusing on the United States.

AncientAfricanaMarketplace.com is currently available to fill orders for personal collections or educational inventory. Browsing through the items on the website is like having a celebration of Black people’s triumphs as well as observing a chronicle of their agonies, the acknowledgement of their journeys, discoveries and their influences left upon the world. While shopping the inventory, it becomes inspiring to discover for yourself the marvels, triumphs, struggles and, ultimately, the ensuing resiliency and legacy of African peoples in Africa and all around the world.

To see their commercial online, go to:

To visit the site, go to:

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