New Memoir of a Woman’s Journey Through Colorful History


— New book is an insightful memoir of one woman’s journey through colorful history —


Philadelphia, PA ( — From the author of Let Me Tell You What Mama Said comes another insightful book that takes readers back to the simple and gratifying days of the yesteryears. In Take It from the Top, a new book released through Xlibris, author Terri Lyons continues the insightful journey of her mother throughout the changes in American society and history.

Let Me Tell You What Mama Said chronicles her mother’s life from World War II when she first arrived in North Philly, met her husband, bought their first home, until they began their life together with music. A sequel to this book, Take It from the Top is the author’s inspiring memoir where she reflects and relives her life as carved by her family’s colorful past filled with love and music. It tells stories from the incredible decade of the 60s. Filled with memories that captures the fascinating era, it takes readers back to the time when people ate home cooked food and took a nap to cure their maladies, when turning to each other-not pills and electronics-is the remedy to life’s trials and tribulations, and when having common sense mattered and foolishness simply wasn’t tolerated.

With informative facts and insightful anecdotes, Take It from the Top provides tales from where a journey continues and where a new one begins. For more information on this book, log onto
About the Author
Terri E. Lyons was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended Philadelphia public and private schools, and is a graduate of Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Lyons’ passion for jazz and oldies are from her parents who were bandleaders from the early sixties, and her passion for history came from numerous Sunday dinners with her elderly family. Their wisdom revealed itself over time. Owning her history and hungry for more, Lyons began to look further into history. She began with her mother’s life and continued her exciting expedition through the 60s. Her influences are James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison.

About The Book
Take It from the Top by Terri Lyons
Publication Date: September 2009
Trade Paperback; $20.00; 73 pages; 978-1-4415-5094-1
Trade Hardback; $15.00; 73 pages; 978-1-4415-5095-8

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