So Fly Records Creates Classic Synergy with Ultimate Accessory

Mainly common in the sports arena, baseball styled caps formally known as fitted caps have simultaneously evolved within sports wear fashion. When music and fashion coalesce, identities are created, trends emerge, cultures arise, and style is triumphant. Rapper and entrepreneur B.A.S.K.O., the co-founder of FashionFitted and CEO of So Fly Records, has culled his talents and resources to contribute substance to the music and fashion industries as he introduces the next wave of fashion accessory must haves with the FeatherFittedÔ hat.

“As a person who loves hats, the concept of the FeatherFitted came to formalize because I got tired of not being able to go pass the velvet club rope because caps weren’t permitted,” explains B.A.S.K.O. “I decided to design something comparable in grandeur with the same mass appeal as the Fedora hat.” The concept of a stylish feather is moved smartly as an integral part of each of the FeatherFitted hats. Each feather is scrutinized with the same care and attention to detail given to a note or lyric under the FashionFitted imprint. Strategically marketed with a tempo that speaks to hip hop culture and beyond.

The FeatherFitted, which consists of several handcrafted designs that are currently produced by order and available to purchase online, was spawned in 2008 and became the subsidiary accessory design of So Fly Records to expand into the apparel industry. Its popularity spurred a promotional single and video titled, “Featha N Da Fitted, released by the label in 2009.

So Fly Records is a full-service independent recording company. The company provides collaborative in-house services for its bourgeoning roster of artists including songwriting, producing, video direction and marketing. Marquee artist and So Fly Records CEO, B.A.S.K.O., is set to release his debut CD,

16-9-13-16 in 2010, which will proceed his celebrated first single

“Featha N Da Fitted.” The single is available now on several digital portals including iTunes and Amazon.


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