Hype Holla Gets It Started with DJ Whoo Kid, HYPEothetically Speaking & Believe

Songwriter/performer Hype Holla is at a crossroads in his career, as he embarks upon a global campaign to promote his music while still carrying on his hometown pride. The Providence, Rhode Island native has a new single “Get It Started” and is preparing for the release of his DJ Whoo Kid-hosted promotional album HYPEothetically Speaking on September 10, 2009. 


Additionally, Hype Holla is flexing his acting skills in the new independent film Death Force, which will debut on August 29 at the Columbus Theatre in Providence. He is also planning a variety of community service-related events this Fall to unite people through his own “Believe Music” movement, including the “Back-to-School Cookout” at South Side Recreation Center in Providence, with food, games and giveaways on September 5.


Although it may sound idealistic, Hype genuinely embraces the notion that Hip Hop can touch people and artists beyond all barriers. “Music is my life, so anybody who creates music is part of my family,” he says. “There will be no hate or jealousy toward anyone – just peace and love. I look forward to working with anybody willing to work with me.”


Hype’s new single “Get It Started” is a lively presentation of the young songwriter’s lyrical talent and performance ability, and the HYPEothetically Speaking mixtape with largely original production will give Hip Hop fans good reason to celebrate the Rhode Island sound.  


As the Northeast rallies to “bring Hip Hop back” to the roots of the region, artists like Hype Holla are maintaining a global perspective as they represent. He is focused on channeling even the toughest of his life experiences through songs that everyone can enjoy.


“My music is powerful, realistic and believable,” Hype asserts. “I want to be known for my lyrical content more than anything. With my creativity and artistry I can and will make a difference. I do this for the fans, and hopefully together we can make some big changes in and outside of Hip Hop. I believe that my music will help people get through their day, and will allow them to have fun while they listen.”


International radio and club personality DJ Whoo Kid will host the release event for HYPEothetically Speaking on September 10 at Pearl Lounge (393 Charles St) in Providence, Rhode Island, beginning at 10:00pm.


For more information on Hype Holla, go to www.tygereye.net/hypeholla, www.myspace.com/hypeholla and www.twitter.com/hypeholla


For interviews and press information, contact dove@tygereye.net


For information on tickets and VIP entry for the release event featuring DJ Whoo Kid, contact Sadiq Davies at sadiqdavies@gmail.com


HYPOthetically Speaking Tracklist


01. My City – prod. by Aarab
02. Welcome to RI  – prod. by Aarab
03. Get it Started  – prod. by Aarab
04. Right Here – prod. by Aarab
05. Ready or Not – prod. by Snacks
06. Ends Tonight – prod. by Aarab
07. Lady Pearl ft. Gerry Garcia – prod. by Gerry G.
08. Hands Up ft. Freeway – prod. by Aarab
09. South Side – prod. by Aarab
10. Pain in My Eyes – prod. by Aarab
11. Over There ft. Bankoz – prod. by Aarab
12. Ridin’ – prod. by Aarab
13. They Talk About It
14. I Like ft. Bankoz – prod. by June
15. Whats Gone Wrong


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