New Book – ‘The Men Who Sleep With My Husband’


The Men Who Sleep With My Husband

Author – Alicia Coston

Virginia Beach, VA ( – Author Alicia Coston answers this question and so much more in her highly anticipated thriller, The Men Who Sleep With My Husband.

“Yes, I’ve written about homosexuality in the black church, but I know I’m not the only one who has because it’s an actuality. Frankly, that’s not all this book is about; I’ve put a different spin on things. There are five characters in my novel, each with their own voice, each battling with duality in very diverse ways as we all do.” The author touches on faith, adultery, and family dysfunction within the African-American family and other cultural backgrounds.

The story involves Pastor Quincy Wallace, a man of the cloth and a man of many secrets. When his beautiful and successful wife, Lavender, discovers his affairs with different men, she takes matters into her own hands with the help of a mysterious contract killer named The Magician. Lavender plans to get rid of each of her husband’s lovers and then frame her husband for those murders. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Lavender finds herself falling for sexy Detective Tai Exavier, the same person investigating the disturbing case of the missing men. Not to mention her teenaged son, Jalen, begins to have suspicions about the father he’s looked up to for years. Will Lavender’s scheme give her the revenge she seeks, or will her road to redemption hit a life-changing dead end?

Coston says, “I find it amazing when I meet so many women now who say this very thing happened to them. I also want to continue to call special attention to the HIV epidemic amongst black women in this book and make it clear that this isn’t just a gay or ‘down low’ disease. Some people say that talking about the issue is like beating a dead horse. Yet in 2009 alone, the federal government found that 1 out of 16 black men and 1 out of 30 black women will contract HIV in their lifetimes. I’d say that ‘horse’ never died.”

Camilla Sidone, CEO of Write On Publications out of New York City, stated, “Just when I thought I couldn’t read a more candid and gripping story about adultery and deception, here comes The Men Who Sleep With My Husband. It’s not the typical ‘down-low brother’ book at all. It was an original eye-opener, the surprise I needed, and one heck of a thriller!” Coston’s relative, who lived a very similar story, inspired her to write the book.

Alicia Coston made her literary debut in 2007 with her critically acclaimed erotic thriller, She’s Killin’ Me. She is currently establishing a non-profit performing arts organization for underprivileged teens and is working on several projects which include her third novel, Death of a Groupie, and a stage play. For autographed books or more information, please visit the author’s website at


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