Launch of ‘The King of Glory Movement’


Evangelist D Tyler Brown, President

Pastor Cynthia Wesley, Chief Financial Officer

Houston, TX ( – Launch of “The King of Glory Movement” by Texas Evangelism Alliance Ministries is set to take place at reception and inauguration of its board of directors on Saturday, August 1, 2009 at Holiday Inn Houston South Loop, 8111 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas from 3pm to 5pm Central Time. Invited guests are welcome.

Established on July 1, 2009 by its founders, Evangelist D Tyler Brown, a native of Bastrop, Louisiana and Pastor Cynthia Wesley, a native of Dallas, Texas, the Texas Evangelism Alliance Ministries (“TEAM”) serves in the field of helps and marketplace ministry. TEAM supports the initiative introduced by Jesus Christ who said “I came not to be served but to serve.” The five-member board of directors also include: Apostle Eartha Wright of Dallas, Texas; Evangelist Gwendolyn Davis of Fresno, Texas and Prophetess Queen Esther Phillips of Houston. TEAM exists to fulfill the Great Commission by serving others.

TEAM’s mission takes The King of Glory Movement throughout the State of Texas and the world evangelizing and glorifying Jesus Christ. American Church Lists,, recent report reveals Texas as the state with the largest number of churches in the United States at 27,505. Many churches and ministries need assistance to reach lost souls and spread the good news. TEAM will provide free of charge limited press releases, promotional flyers, quarterly newsletters, discount services and schedule events based on ministry needs of its members such as fellowship gatherings at grocery store cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, reception in hotel lobbies, connecting at airport terminals, workshops, seminars, conferences, revivals, anointed crusades and more. This is the King of Glory Movement!

About Texas Evangelism Alliance Ministries: a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, non-denominational, non-profit organization that serves its members across many platforms by making room for spiritual gifts in marketplace ministries (business, education and government), and community outreach. Filing application for tax-exempt status is planned. Evangelist D Tyler Brown and Pastor Cynthia Wesley are available for interviews. Find out more about Texas Evangelism Alliance Ministries at or call 713-504-3092.

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