ELEW Continues His March Through Europe!!!!

Already well into his highly anticipated European Tour, ELEW has already torn a musical swath through the continent—leaving a trail of shattered senses and ruined pianos in his wake.

ELEW kicked off the tour in Paris—beginning with a private solo performance at the USI Conference, followed by a virtuoso showing with his band at Sunset/Sunside’s American Jazz Festival (Along with some late-night walking tours and of course, a trip to the Gardens of Versailles).

From there, it was off to the Thema Traumzeit Festival in Duisberg, Germany, where ELEW and his bandmates electrified the crowd with a performance that didn’t leave a single body in the seats by the time it ended.

But ELEW wasn’t done rocking festivals yet—his spine-tingling set at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is already raising an international buzz, and this recent Reuters Feature is a testament to its impact.

Today ELEW has landed in London, where he has just arrived today and will be playing a nonstop four show stint over the next four days. He begins at Bush Hall this evening with his band—followed by a solo performance at Adam Street & two solo shows at Jazz Café. After that it’s onto the Island of Ischia in Italy to play the 7th Annual Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, which begins July 12th.

But this is only half the picture—ELEW is in Europe for the rest of the month an there is much more to come. Stay Tuned.


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