Hip Hop star Ru, CEO and Founder of Ru1 Records, has finally released his new single, “Nothing New” featuring the one and only Fabolous. The single is a release from the forthcoming album “For The Love of Money”. “Nothing New is garnering recognition from mainstream media and will gives fans of the Ru1 movement an insight into Ru’s musical talents and why he is quickly becoming a household name.

Ru aka Ruben Cobos is the visionary behind the success of independent record label Ru1 Records. Since the age of 17, Ru has managed every facet of his independent label; studio recording, producing, engineering, street promotion, internet promotion, negotiation and management.  He blends his understanding of all aspects along with his style and approach. Now, with the release of his new single, “Nothing New”, he shows off his rhyming skills as well. Many in the industry who know Ru as a business man, are surprised to learn how talented he is as a front man. But for the detractors and haters, Ru gives us a telling look inside his mindset when working on his music. “You wanna learn from Ru1, you’d better watch. I take risks so on my wrist is a better watch.” Fabolous’ lyrics lets those who are not sure what to make of the transition “…You ain’t competition, you incompetent. And the only thing you can give me is a compliment”

Ru’s hard earned success has been not been overlooked by the industry. Hot 97’s own DJ Envy featured “Nothing New” on the New At 2 segment on his radio program. All Hip Hop.Com named the single Heater of the Day, a segment that features the music that is creating a buzz in the hip hop industry.

Ru’s street sense and executive business skills has been the key to effectively marketing his music to fans nationally and abroad.  With a global fan base, it is obvious that Ru has made a significant impact but this only the beginning. Now that Ru has finally shared his musical skills with the world, his trademark symbolizes the will & desires to become a major force as an artist, while not compromising credibility.

To listen to the new hit single, visit http://www.ru1records.com/nothingnew%20new/nothingnew.htm.

About Ru1 Corporation:

Ru1 Corporation is an entertainment company in the US, with business units offering expertise to musicians in the area of personal management, music production, and a record label. Ru1 Records serves clients across the globe from its head offices in New York, NY.

To contact Ru1 Records or for more information visit:

Phone: 917.939.6678
Email: info@ru1records.com


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