Miami Beat Wave Scores Nintendo DS Miami Law – Mixtape, Singles and More!

Once thought of as behind-the-scenes participants, producers and songwriters in today’s music scene have become as important to fans as the performing artists. Talented production trio Miami Beat Wave is ready to step to the forefront in 2009 with the score for the new Nintendo DS video game Miami Law, an original mixtape with lyrical dynamo GhostWridah, a video for critically-acclaimed Grammy nominee Omniscient and much more!

Miami Beat Wave began as a vision of great music as North Carolina’s Chip Williams, Miami’s Brandan Toledo and Chicago’s St. LaRok met up at in Orlando at the Full Sail School of Music & Media Production. All roommates at various points, the three men meshed their individual talents of musicianship, songwriting, mixing and producing to put a classic edge on crafting new-age sounds.

Since uniting as Miami Beat Wave, the team has been busy with an amazing range of projects. On June 9, 2009, Nintendo DS released their exclusive game Miami Law, which MBW scored with 15 full tracks. They also produced and co-star in Omniscient’s latest video “Like Them,”  a single from his upcoming indie album Social Work.

In July the crew will enjoy the release of their single “Guess You Forgot” on David Correy’s Urban Rock Odyssey album, and the release of GhostWridah’s 305’s and Heartbreak mixtape, which they fully produced. Miami Beat Wave also recently collaborated with Smitty, GhostWridah, Grammy-nominee Itagui from Locospuorjuana and Malik Yulsef of G.O.O.D. Music for the amazing song “My Brother.”

Needless to say, the men of Miami Beat Wave truly appreciate each other’s talents. With such diverse life experiences and musical tastes, the trio will bring their eclectic ideas to music fans with an honest approach.

I admire Brandan’s drive, and dedication,” Chip explains. “Brandan was the one who said to me, ‘We can do this’ three years ago, and that ability to bring the dream into reality is what I admire most about him. St.LaRok has an eccentric sound. He likes to be different; and his sample selection, chopping methods, and drums all combine to create a truly unique form of music.”

St. LaRok continues with compliments on Chip’s special talents: “Chip comes from a musical background that is very different from Brandan and myself, and is multi-talented with live instrumentation and engineering. He adds polish to the grit, so-to-speak.”

The future is bright for Miami Beat Wave, and they are taking no prisoners as they forge ahead with new projects. “Our group is very dynamic in the sense that we are all from different places and have different styles when it comes to making music,” explains Brandan. “My team has always had the vision to touch the masses and excel in this art form, and hopefully spark the minds of more musicians and producers to make good music. Longevity is something that we are very aware of. We want our music to speak forever.”

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Omniscient “Like Them” video:


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