**New Single** LAFONDA “Don’t Need A Co-sign”

With the indie success of her debut EP, “Go Hard or Go Home,” in the review mirror Underground Music Award-winning R&B singer Lafonda is raising the bar with the release of her second independent EP titled “Don’t Need a Cosign” on August 18.

The Bronx Bombshell showcases the maturity of her melodic voice and choreographed dances behind beats of producers like Plaboy-Chi and Drawzilla. Lafonda’s first single also titled “Don’t Need a Cosign” is produced by Chi and highlights the dual-concept that people, and artists, don’t need validation from others in their day-to-day lives to be comfortable with whom they are and what they do in life.

“I wanted to put together a well-rounded EP that spoke to the pressures placed on everyday people to be ‘this or to be that,’ whether it’s in their professional lives or personal lives, and the insecurities that manifest themselves as a result of those pressures,” says Lafonda. “Ultimately you know your worth and don’t need validation from those not living the consequences of your decisions.”

The depth of the EP is also displayed on songs like the ballad “One Question” which showcase the songstress’ increased vocal range and the female anthem “Ain’t No Competition” where Lafonda’s dusts her shoulders off and demonstrates her moxie.

Lafonda is a winner of the 2006 Underground Music Award’s “Best R&B Female Artist.” Last year, she also won three Underground Indie Awards for “Best Female Solo,” “Best Female Performer,” and “Best R&B Female Artist.” The heralded singer has also appeared on BET’s 106 & Park, MSG TV, MTV3 and countless of print and online publications.

With the release of “Don’t Need a Cosign” this Summer, the Bronx Bombshell is set to engulf the music industry in her glow.

Don’t Need a Cosign will be available for free download. To hear more music from Lafonda visit Myspace.com/lafondaforever and Imeem.com/thereallafonda

You can also follow Lafonda on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lafondaforever



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