Mick Boogie Teams up with 90’s Icon MC Hammer for Latest Mixtape Project

Mick Boogie and Thepressplayshow.com are proud to announce details on their newest project, Hammertime, hosted by MC Hammer which is set to be released Tomorrow, June 3, at noon exclusively at thepressplayshow.com. The mixtape contains Hammer’s classics as well as the samples from which they came, and some present day remixes.

On Hammertime, Mick Boogie takes you on a ride through the past, present, and future, using the original samples to intro some of Hammers biggest hits, as well as a few new remixes of Hammer’s most memorable records. Songs like Rick James “Superfreak” and The Chi-lites “Have You Seen Her” will remind listeners where some of Hammer’s biggest hits came from.

The project also features some of the brightest up and coming rappers like Mistah FAB,  Chip Tha Ripper, and 6th Sense, as well as Hammer himself re-spitting a couple classic verses. Production on the remixes comes by way of Mick Boogie, Good Life Mike, nVme and more.


Interludes throughout the tape include Hammer himself talking about life, the music business, and the impact he had on the world. The clips are taken from a recent interview Mick Boogie and Terry Urban did on their Shade 45, Press Play radio show earlier this month with Hammer, which spawned the idea to create this unique project. See below for tracklisting:


1. Intro: TPPS & Hammer

2. Jackson 5: Dancin’ Machine

3. MC Hammer: Dancin’ Machine

4. Hammer Interlude Sugarhill Gang

5. Incredible Bongo Band: Apache

6. MC Hammer: Turn This Mutha Out

7. MC Hammer f/ Mistah FAB: Turn This Mutha Out 2009 (nVMe’s Mutha-Lover Mix)

8. Hammer Interlude George Clinton

9. George Clinton: Atomic Dog

10. MC Hammer: Pumps And A Bump

11. Hammer Interlude Rick James

12. Rick James: Superfreak

13. MC Hammer: Can’t Touch This

14. MC Hammer f/ 6th Sense: Can’t Touch This (nVMe’s Touch Deez Mix)

15. Hammer Interlude Capitol

16. Chi-Lites: Have You Seen Her

17. MC Hammer: Have You Seen Her

18. Hammer Interlude Camper

19. MC Hammer: 2 Legit 2 Quit

20. MC Hammer f/ Chip Tha Ripper: 2 Legit 2009 (Good Life Mike’s Chest Sweat Mix)

21. Hammer Interlude Advice

22. Prince: When Doves Cry

23. MC Hammer: Pray

24. The Press Play Show Outro

Bonus: Stooge Playaz – Karmasutra (Hammer’s new group)

For more information, details on the project or press inquiries, please contact Dan Solomito – dsolo13@gmail.com.

**The Press Play Show airs every Saturday night from 8-10pm on Sirius Shade 45**


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