Ma Barker, Rasheeda, and Nina B and More On “BAD GIRLS CLUB” Mixtape

Certified Lord Gang DJ Da’ Hitman has released a new mixtape titled “Bad Girls Club”.  Bad Girls Club features an all-star lineup of female emcees that are primed to establish a new standard for lyrical technique and delivery.  The artists included in the mix range from coast to coast with talent like Ma Barker, Rasheeda, and Nina B to Renaissance, Kandi Cole, Madam Madon, and LS.  The mixtape is available as a free download: 
“I’m proud of this project and proud to stand behind every artist in the mix.  Every one of these emcees could stand on any stage and grip the mic with the best male rappers in the game.  I know that female emcees have to fight extra hard to get the exposure and more importantly the respect they are due.  I hope this project will bring a little more shine to every single artist and serve as a loud notice that this is not a man’s game.  These artists represent some of the best talent in the rap game – period.  Listening to Shee’s lyrical assault in her song “Showdown” should clear up any doubts about the talent represented on this project.  I personally feel this is the best collection of talented female rappers ever assembled under one title.”  – Da’ Hitman
Bad Girls Club includes exclusive music from Ma Barker, Renaissance, LS, Madam Madon, and Kandi Cole along with material from Shee, Si-Notes, Tam Tam, Mz Unique, Hedonis, Meka, and Tiye Phoenix.  Da’ Hitman is a Certified Lord Gang DJ and also holds the executive title of VP of New Media with Lord Gang Worldwide, LLC and serves as the VP of Lord Gang DJs in the Southern Region-US.  For more information on Lord Gang Worldwide, LLC and the Lord Gang DJs you can visit   For more information on That Crack visit


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