Broadway Star/R&B Soul Recording Artist CHESTER GREGORY prepares for the release of his debut album “In Search of High Love“, in stores on March 31, 2009.  The lead singe is the classic remake of “I Only Have Eyes 4 U“, by Harry Warren and Al Dubin

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CHESTER GREGORY is no stranger to the stage; an award-winning Broadway performer and acclaimed as one of the most dynamic musical theatre presences in the entertainment business – a young black man in possession of a powerful five octave voice that has elicited high praise from the late Isaac Hayes, a standing ovation from Michael Jackson and inspired Phil Collins to compose a Broadway song custom made for what his God-given instrument can do.

After several years of blowing audiences away on the “Great White Way”, playing the lead in the biographical musical “The Jackie Wilson Story“, key roles in “Hairspray“, “Tarzan“, “Cry Baby“, and most recently the originator of the “Donkey” role for Dreamworks “SHREK“, Chester Gregory has become a veteran of the stage.  That veteran is ready to reveal to the R&B/Soul world that the regular guy behind all of those dazzling characters…is the man he faces in the mirror every day.

Gary, Indiana-native Chester Gregory grew up admiring all around entertainers ranging from King of Pop Michael Jackson to triple threat icons Sammy Davis, Jr. and Gregory Hines. Years of dedicated vocal training (surprisingly not in the church) led to a bachelors degree in Musical Theatre at Columbia College in Chicago.

With his sincerely soulful and introspective debut CD “In Search of High Love“, to be released on March 31st, 2009, Chester Gregory introduces himself as a thoughtful and sensitive songwriter blessed with a voice that captivates and demands attention. Each song is either a true to life-tale spun from a life spent in heavy pursuit of love (and the lessons that it brings) or an old school soul classic that will warm hearts within a whole new generation. “While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed performing on Broadway – eight shows a week and telling other people’s amazing stories – now it’s time for me to share my own,”explains Chester.

Leading the way into Chester’s world is the classic remake of “I Only Have Eyes 4 U“, by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, in which Chester’s vocal abilities takes the infamous composition to higher heights.  Then comes the feel-good soul of “On+On” to the quiet fire of the power piano ballad “Questions” (with hooks that the man telegraphs straight to your heart with spine-tingling passion), Chester Gregory steps up as a man unafraid to lay his emotions on the line. As prepared by producers Grammy-winner Dave Tozer (John Legend), PJ Morton (India.Arie) and David Liang (Carl Thomas), as well as peers Afta-1, Nevi-Nev and J. Most, Chester’s roof raising stage voice is massaged into musical settings that will melt R&B lovers’ hearts.

Other highlights of “In Search of High Love” include the poetically perplexing “Clouds to the Ground” (an interlude that likens the sensual attraction of a mysterious woman to the gravitational pull of the earth’s atmosphere).  It also includes the crossover-bound “Say it’s Over” (featuring guest rapper Farrah Burns and a sample from Kenny Loggins’ “This is It“). There’s also the spacey, four-on-the-floor club pump of Jackie Wilson’s soaring 1967 chart-topper “Higher and Higher“.

Then you find the contemporary “High Love” – a heavy backbeat ballad laced with bluesy guitar changes and Chester’s smoothed out voice delivering some seriously mackalicious charm. “I don’t wanna roll trees / The only thing I wanna smoke is you / It sounds insane / You’re pumpin’ through my veins / And I love this feeling / I get weak / You knock me off my feet / You make me feel so…oooohhhh” (the last line punctuated with a euphoric falsetto flight that does the master Lenny Williams proud). “Most of my songs come out of me ‘having a moment,” Chester says elusively.

Chester Gregory (a.k.a. Chess Gregory) peels back another layer of his soul to show the world what he is truly made of.  He welcomes you to his world. 


In Search of High Love” in stores March 31, 2009


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